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Gruha Jyoti scheme Karnataka: Eligibility, Registration, How To Apply Online, Benefits: The Government of Karnataka, Under one of its ambitious schemes, “Gruha Jyoti Yojana, provides free electricity consumption of up to a maximum of 200 units on an average monthly basis to the citizens of the state.

You can easily apply for this scheme by visiting the official website of Sevasindhu ( on your mobile or computer/ laptop.

This article explains the purpose of the scheme, benefits, eligibility, conditions, and online application for this scheme. Read more.

The last date to avail of free electricity usage for the month of August is July 25, 2023. So submit the application within the stipulated date.

“ಗೃಹ ಜ್ಯೋತಿ” ಯೋಜನೆಯ ಮಾಹಿತಿ ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ
Gruha Jyoti karnataka

Griha Jyoti Yojana – Introduction

The Government under Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Siddaramaiah, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister, Shri DK Sivakumar, and Hon’ble Minister for Energy, Shri K J George vide Order No: Energy /164/PSR/2023, dated: 05.06.2023, for the month of July 2023 It has been implemented with effect from August 2023 for electricity consumption bills.

Under this Gruha Jyoti scheme, the Karnataka government is providing free electricity for a maximum of 200 units of household electricity consumption by including 10 % of the extra units on users’ average monthly electricity consumption( based on the average monthly consumption of electricity for the financial year 2022-23). the average monthly consumption of household electricity (including 10 % of extra units )is within 200 units then the total electricity bill will be issued free and if the total bill is beyond the 200 units then users have to pay the full amount of the bill.

You can easily apply online for this Gruha Jyoti scheme by visiting the official website of Sevasindhu on your mobile or computer/laptop (online Application for Gruhajyoti scheme). The application can be submitted offline at your nearest Gram One, Bangalore One, Digital Seva Kendra, Gram Panchayat, Nadakacheri, and Vidyut Seva counters.

Purpose of Gruha Jyoti Yojana

One of the ambitious projects of the Government of Karnataka the ” Griha Jyoti “Yojana’s purpose is to provide free electricity to the residents of the state upto to a maximum of 200 units of electricity for home use, which is one of the basic facilities. and its implementation In view of the government’s cooperation with the poor citizens and economically backward classes of the state.

Benefits of the Griha Jyothi Scheme

  • All the citizens of the state can avail the facility of this scheme and the poor families will be financially benefited.
  • 10% more units of electricity will be given free of charge in addition to the average monthly consumption.
  • Beneficiaries of Bhagya Jyoti / Kutira Jyoti Yojana and Amrita Jyoti Yojana currently in force will be included under Griha Jyoti Yojana.

Griha Jyothi Scheme Conditions and Eligibility Criteria

  • Only household connections are eligible for the scheme. Commercial use of electricity is not covered.
  • If the bill is less than the eligible unit/amount such a customer will be given zero bill.
  • The monthly meter reading will enter the total amount of electricity consumed in a bill.
  • Pay the net bill to the customer after deducting the eligible amount of the household electricity user from the bill.
  • It is mandatory for all beneficiaries to link their Connection IDs / Account IDs to Aadhaar.
  • Through the Seva Sindhu portal, customers can apply for this scheme.
  • The Bhagya Jyoti / Kutira Jyoti Yojana as well as Amrita Jyoti Yojana beneficiaries will be moved under the Gruha jyoti yojana.
  • Installation of meters and meter reading is mandatory for domestic electricity consumer plants.
  • It is mandatory to pay the outstanding amount of electricity charges due by 30.06.2023 within three months (including the amount of the July 2023 bill for the electricity consumed in June 2023) If the due amount is not paid within the stipulated period, such customers will be disconnected from the power plants.
  • If there is more than one plant in the name of a household electricity user, only one plant will be eligible for the facility under this scheme

Documents required for Griha Jyoti Yojana online application

To Apply for the Gruha Jyoti scheme online, the following documents are required.

  • Aadhaar card.
  • Electricity Bill Account ID / Customer Number.
  • Mobile Number (for OTP and Communication).

Online Application Process for Gruha Jyoti Yojana

How to apply online for the Gruha Jyoti scheme ?: All the beneficiaries of the state who want to take advantage of the Gruha Jyoti scheme can register at Sevasindhu online portal.

offixial website 1

The following steps are explained for Gruha Jyoti Yojana online application

  • Visit the official website of Sevasindhu through your mobile or computer/laptop.
  • The Sevasindu home page will open in front of you. There are many options of plans to be found.
  • You click on the “Graha Jyoti” option.
  • Then, a declaration will appear in front of you, read it, right tick ☑, then enter the captcha and press Agree.
Gruha Jyoti online application
  • Then, enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number and press Get details.
Gruha Jyoti yojana
  • Then, Application Details will appear in front of you, the last four numbers of your Aadhaar card will appear, and your name will be taken automatically.
  • After Eskom’s name, enter the name of your electricity supply company. Eg : BESCOM, CESC, HESCOM, GESCOM, MESCOM, HRECS
gruhajyoti 1 1 edited
  • Then enter the Account ID/Customer Number of your electricity bill.
  • Once you enter the Account ID/Customer Number of your electricity bill, your electricity account holder’s name and address will be taken automatically, so you don’t need to enter it again.
  • Then enter the Occupancy Type, if you are an Owner – Owner, if you are a Tenant – Tenant, and if you are a Family Member – Family Member.
  • Then, you enter the mobile number in the phone number box for communication, an OTP will appear, enter it.
  • Then, read the declaration below and right-tick the box next to☑I Agree. and give Submit.
new grauhajyoti application form 5
  • Your application acknowledgment letter will appear on your mobile or computer/laptop screen, you can download it.
  • Your application is complete.

Thus you can easily apply the application yourself.

Important note :
All those who have applied for this Grihajyoti Yojana before the end of June. The terms and benefits of the scheme for the electricity consumed in the month of July will be applicable to the electricity bill in the month of August and will be free.

And for customers who didn’t apply in the month of June for any reason, the electricity bill in the month of July will not be applicable to the scheme, and will have to pay the full electricity bill and the electricity used in the month of August will be applicable to the scheme for the bill in the month of September.

Due to the large number of applications, it is normal for the server to get busy. Our advice is to try to submit the application before 10 am and after 8 pm for smooth completion.

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FAQs on Gruha Jyoti Yojana

Who is eligible for this scheme?

All citizens of Karnataka state having household electricity connections are eligible for this scheme.

How to apply for this Griha Jyoti Yojana?

You can visit Sevasindhu’s official website on your mobile/computer/laptop and submit the application easily.

The electricity connection account is in my late father’s name. How do I apply for this scheme?

Transfer the account to your name and then you can submit the application. The account name can be changed at electricity service counters. though the application can be proceeded by entering Occupancy Type as Family member. later you can change the name.

Should electricity charges be paid within the month of June?

Yes, you will have to pay the amount of the July bill ( bill issued in July 2023 for the electricity consumed in the month of June) and all the outstanding charges before the month of June.

If I consume more than 200 units of electricity, how much should I pay?

If your average consumption of electricity is beyond 200 units, then you have to pay the total amount of the bill.

My annual average household electricity consumption is under 100 units. Will I get free power consumption of up to 200 units?

No, The 10% units of your average usage will be added to your annual average household electricity consumption and then, if your total electricity consumption bill amount (after adding 10% units of electricity) is less than 200 units and is more than the annual average amount, then , you will have to pay for the additional electricity consumption only. And if your consumption exceeds 200 units you will have to pay the full.

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